Our Story Starts with Us. The Time is Now and Cincinnati is the Place for Jubilee.

Why Now?

2019 is the 400th anniversary of the first slaves arriving in America. In recognition of this, we are launching a Jubilee Campaign. Our goal is to contribute the end of wealth disparity in Cincinnati. This is grounded in freedom from toxic debt, a claim for the land and people displaced in the name of “jobs” and “development.”

400 years of disenfranchisement stops with us.

Jubilee is an economic movement for all Cincinnatians starting with African Americans, other people of color and poor white people.  We believe that what happens to the most marginalized people in our communities affects all of us. Jubilee is an affirmation that traditionally black neighborhoods can benefit from an alternative economy where they receive the most attention, resources and access.

This is our city. This is our time.

This is a JEDI Economy. An economy that is Just, Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive.

Reconstruction Fund

The Reconstruction Fund serves to reinvest millions of dollars in the Black and low income communities through partnerships with donors, city and county governments, and the community itself. Using a communal model of financial literacy, democratic voting processes and neighborhood abundance theories, the Fund will allow vulnerable communities to strengthen and rebuild themselves without the threat of gentrification and divestment. In this way, we will be well positioned to restore the black economy in Cincinnati that can capture and reinvest millions of dollars into the broader economy.

Land Trust

Working in tandem with the Reconstruction Fund, Community Land Trusts will be established to buy, hold and develop the land in and around the communities. This model has proven successful in staving off of gentrification and the protection of affordable housing. Currently Cincinnati has a crisis in affordable housing and Jubilee seeks to address this. Renting Partnerships is a model of resident-owned affordable housing that will be central to our movement to protect and empower the most vulnerable Cincinnatians.

Conversations & Awareness 

A series of conversations that focus on the assets and resources that are already present and can be built off of.

Right Relationship to Money 

A financial sobriety program that equips people with skills and knowledge to support their paths towards gaining control of their financial lives.

Small Business CORE Training

Working with ongoing businesses create apprenticeship programs to educate how enterprise operates, including access to capital.

Beneficial Debt

Efforts to end toxic debt. Create avenues for fair debt, affordable home ownership.


The dominant religion of our world is consumerism


There are ongoing gatherings, workshops, and meetings happening every week, please join our mailing list to learn more, stay up-to-date, and how you can get involved.

October 2019 Gathering

The Jubilee Launch will be the time for us to let our city and its residents know that 400 years has been long enough and that our time is now. We will gather with hundreds of neighbors and conscious community members to re-imagine what our City can look like. The day will be full of Experiential Learning Exercises, Conversations and Artistic Expressions of Culture. Join us to be a part of defining what WE need to make our city reflect its people.

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